why choose gynomaterna clinic?

Gynomaterna clinic is one of the most specialized - fully equiped obstetrical and gynecological clincs distinctive by its two branches, first located in the heart of Beirut – Verdun region and the second located in the center of Zahle bekaa region – Lebanon. in the heart of  Zahle - Bekaa region - Lebanon. Our target for pregnant women is: - To provide maternal primary healthcare during pregnancy offering antenatal screening for the baby during all nine months.- Ultrasound screening during all the period of pregnancy with the most soffisticated ultrasound machines including 4D images for the baby and doppler study of the placenta (22-24 weeks) with the take home printed images and CD.- Laboratory blood analysis done during pregnancy according to the American college of obstetricians and Gynecologist " ACOG" , as ...Read More >

Why Dr. Loubnan?

Why Dr. Loubnan?
  Dr. Loubnan Abou Madi, Obestetricain and gynecologist graduated from Kursk State Medical University - Russia, known for its american program and international system. Professional accredetential:  - Infertility, Endoscopy, ... Read More >

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Dr loubnan abou madi
March 29, 2017
Palais des Congres - Paris 2017. Read More >

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