why choose gynomaterna clinic?

Gynomaterna clinic is one of the most specialized - fully equiped obstetrical and gynecological clincs distinctive by its two branches, first located in the heart of Beirut – Verdun region and the second located in the center of Zahle bekaa region – Lebanon. in the heart of  Zahle - Bekaa region - Lebanon.


Our target for pregnant women is: 

- To provide maternal primary healthcare during pregnancy offering antenatal screening for the baby during all nine months.

- Ultrasound screening during all the period of pregnancy with the most soffisticated ultrasound machines including 4D images for the baby and doppler study of the placenta (22-24 weeks) with the take home printed images and CD.

- Laboratory blood analysis done during pregnancy according to the American college of obstetricians and Gynecologist " ACOG" , as NIPT, triple test, 2HPC and others.

- Preparation of pregnant women for stem cells conservation during labor to be sent abroad to Europe in collaboration with the most reliable world wide comapanies.

- Special diet for pregnant women to prehebit the unwanted increase of body weight in purpuse not to confront any further complications during pregnancy.

- Special care of women with high risk pregnancy in collaboration with many hospitals, twins or triplets, suffiring of high blood pressure, vascular disease, heart disease, neurological problems and others.

- Follow up after delivery rather normal vaginal delivery or C-section as for lactating women.



Our target for young girls and teenagers is:

- General education about menstrual cycle and dysmenorrhea ( Pain during sick time).

- Hormonal screening and treatment of young girls suffering of hormonal disbalance and menstrual irregularity as hirsutism ( growth of facial hair), obesity and acne.

- Providing the vaccination as prevention of cervical cancer and the human pappiloma virus HPV. 



Our target for fertile, pre-post menauposed women is:

- Ultrasound screening abdominal rather endovaginal with doppler in order to diagnosticate any pelvis disease.

- Vaginoscopy ( non-invasive operation) to exclude any disease of uterine cavity and inner layer of uterus.

- Colposcopy ( enlarged view of uterine cervix) to exclude any oncological disease (cancer) and tissue changement of outer part of cervix.

- Pap smear test.

- Polypectomy.

- IUD insertion and removal.

- Vaginal culture.

- Orientation of women to specialized radiological centers in order to pass the mammography, ultrasound of breast and osteodensitometry.

- Advanced technics of cosmetic gynecology: Labia Minora Plasty, Labia majora Plasty, Perineoplasty, Labia Majora Augmentation by fillers, Botox application for the dyspareunia treatment, G-Spot Amplification with G-shot technics and vulvar liposculpturing.


Our target for Infertile couple is:

- Family planning and wide enough explanation about the process of any assisted reproductive technology ART.

- Preparation of couples to ameliorate the general status of male and female abillity to conceive. 

- Laboratory test and radiological invasive-non invasive investigations to precize the cause of infertility in couples in purpuse to treat upon reason.

- Laparoscopy (in hospital), excision of Ovarian Cyst, ovarian drilling in purpuse to ameliorate the ovulation in women.

- Control of ovulation done by endovaginal ultrasound.

- Post coital test to exclude antisperm antibody (death of sperm in vagina) if present. 

- Ovarian stimulation and preparation for:

      - IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)

      - IVF (Invitro fertelization)

      - ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) 

      - PGD ( Pregenetic diagnosis) and sex selection;.


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