Why Dr. Loubnan?

Dr. Loubnan Abou Madi

  Dr. Loubnan Abou Madi, Obestetricain and gynecologist graduated from Kursk State Medical University - Russia, known for its american program and international system.


Professional accredetential:

 - Infertility, Endoscopy, Surgery of breast and urinary baldder, assisted reproductive technology, In-Vitro fertilization.


Dr. Loubnan provides consultations for all females, from nine years old and up to olderly:

  - Young age and teenager's

  - Pregnant women

  - Fertile and Peri-Menauposal women

  - Infertile women


Educationnal accredetentials: 

  - Coordinator of LSOG ( Lebanese Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologies) in Bekaa region - Lebanon.

  - Member of organising commity of annual congress of LSOG.

  - Member and investigator of postpartum mortality commity of LSOG in collaboration with MOPH ( Ministery Of Public Health).

  - Member of medical commity of Telchiha hospital - Zahle - Lebanon.

  - Trainer at KAFA organisation.


Practicing Obstetrics an Gynecology at:

  - Talchiha Hospital - Zahle

  - Khoury General Hospital - Zahle

  - Libano-Francais Hospital - Zahle

  - Rayak Hospital - Rayak

  - Chtoura Hospital - Chtoura

  - Al Mayyas Hospital - Chtoura

  - Bekaa Hospital - Taalabaya

  - Hamid Farhat Hospital - Jeb Jannine



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